Saturday, 21 March 2009

What! i'm friggin beautiful.......and i love to dance!

Pashmina is a great oratorPashmina is a great orator
According to the seller this strange little bear loves " the smell of burning leaves and paper, confusing puppies and gender-confused emo boys."
Get yours at:


  1. Oh man, my sister would flip if she saw this!

  2. Woo! Thanks for posting her, she needs the love! Oh, and here's a great deal through your blog only as a thank you. Take $10 off Pashmina if you say you saw her HERE!

  3. She's beautiful! As her creator!

  4. Funny enough my sister in law in San Jose sent me the link to this blog, and low and behold one of my bff's deadthingsgrrl who I couldn't live without creating with every week, is HERE! It is a small world and deadthingsgrrl is going to populate it with her stuffies. MuAh!