Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hunter S. Thompson finger puppet!

Hunter S. Thompson
Get yours at:


  1. Hey, ChickenDog!

    I love the Hunter S. Thompson finger puppet, the Easter Bunny dedicating him/herself to science, the intestine doll, etc., etc. Very creative, whimsical, a paradigm shift of felt and stitch.

    Me, I'm also the difficult American (I noticed such a reference in your Blogger profile) who is married to an East Sussex girl. And, well, the two of us co-create/edit our site, and teach creative writing and mindfulness meditation courses in the area.

    We have two such courses (a Tue. p.m. and a Wed. a.m.) beginning this coming week in Lewes, and as this blog post indicates, we're also in the process of organizing our courses in Hastings (and Tunbridge Wells).

    Perhaps you'd like to join us for an upcoming course, or might know someone who would?

    Anyway, very glad to have stumbled upon your blog, and love your creations.


  2. hello sean, nice to hear from you, not really my cup of tea, all that peace and love stuff but i have a few friends who would love it, in fact one of my mates works at wellington square doing 'life change' work. I will pass on your details to them. Good luck with your course, i'm sure it will be well recieved. I raise my glass to ex-pat diffiucult american's everywhere!!!!

  3. Thanks, CD, for the quick reply. Yes, I know what you mean about the hippy-slash-new-age peace-love thing, but this is not what we do.

    Rather, the gist of what it is we do do is to pay attention to the world within and without, and this very much includes, too, the muck and mire of life, to open to, and to honor, these experiences -- to recognize these, even the most harrowing (or beautiful) of them, as our personal wealth, the seeds of inspiration and our own well-being.

    My own background couldn't be further, really, from the hippy/new age scene, though it's interesting how that's often assumed, is itself a teaching of how quick is our propensity to (mis-)categorize, or characterize, based on limited data.

    Anyway, thank you for your offer to pass along our details to your friends at Wellington Square and anyone else you know who might be interested in creative writing and/or mindfulness practice.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations and blog posts ...

    Be well,

    Sean (, another aspect)